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Live By Design Architects Home Remodel Spotlighted by JWC Media Group

Updated: Jun 4

Live By Design Architects unique design approach and notable contributions to the architectural landscape in the North Shore communities were recently featured in the luxury lifestyle website, JWC Media Group.

House Remodel

JWC Media is a renowned luxury lifestyle website that covers a wide array of topics ranging from events and fashion trends to home decor and architecture insights. The feature emphasized the firm's unique and distinctive design philosophy, which played a large part in the successful renovation of a historic Wisconsin cottage.

Once part of a 19th-century ice house complex, Live By Design facilitated a stunning home remodel transformation into a warm family retreat. Sue and Jim Pajakowski, who've owned the property since 2005, embarked on a major renovation to expand their home to accommodate more guests. The assembled and skilled team, including a general contractor, interior designer, and Live by Design Architects, made sure to preserve the home's historical essence while updating it for modern living. The renovation doubled the home's size, introduced modern amenities, and carefully integrated new spaces with the original structure, ensuring the home maintained its character while becoming more functional for gatherings​​.

Live By Design remodeled multiple homes in Wisconsin. Another project was the Pink Lady House, a 1950s home. The renovation successfully preserves the home's history while updating it for functional, modern living. We appreciate the historical significance and charm of our home renovations, and make sure it isn't lost during the designing process.

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