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Render of Custom Built Bristol, Wisconsin Home

Residential Architect in Libertyville, Illinois

Custom Home Architectural Design


At Live by Design Architects, we bring stunning residential architecture design to Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and the surrounding areas. With over 15 years of experience, our design process is refined; we customize each design to fit our clients’ specific needs. 

Our comprehensive process takes into consideration everything from budgeting to construction and building concerns. We take pride in partnering with our clients throughout the entire home design and build experience so that they are left with a home that perfectly suits their needs. 

What's Included in Our Architectural Services

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Initial Design

Maybe you're looking into architectural services or just looking for some ideas.  The initial design service is a great way to get started without a big commitment.

We will provide 2-3 meetings, perform site measurements, create existing drawings, and generate some preliminary concepts. 

Construction Documents

Once design has been completed, we offer construction documents.  Construction Documents are required to obtain a building permit from your local municipality and as the name suggests, these documents will be followed the contractors.  Construction documents are also essential to obtain accurate bidding from contractors.

Zoning Analysis

If you're interested in adding a room addition or new construction.  Your first step is to determine what you can build.  For example, how large can the building be?  Are there height restrictions?  What are the building setbacks? Are there utilities easements?  What the heck is a utility easement?

We perform a thorough Zoning Analysis that will answer all of these questions.  Before beginning any design, the analysis will determine all of the unique zoning regulations that pertain to your building site. 


The Zoning Analysis allows you to confidently begin design by knowing the design will conform to the zoning restrictions of the site.

Construction Administration

The design is complete.  The construction documents have been submitted for permit.  However, will the contractors diligently follow the drawings?  Who will answer design questions are they arise in the field?  Construction Administration is a service architects provide throughout the construction process.  We provide occasional site visits to insure that the client is receiving a good product and that the contractors are interpreting the drawings accurately.  When questions come up, we are available to offer our input.

Libertyville, Illinois Architect Reviews

We take great satisfaction in serving our customers with their commercial and residential architecture projects.  It's rewarding to receive great 5-star reviews from happy customers!


"Working with Mike was such a pleasure.  Mike was very patient and thorough.  Several changes needed to be made in the construction drawings to meet code.  Mike never dropped the ball once and we were able to get a zoning permit on the second try.  I also like Mike's design ideas as he thinks with a fresh, innovative approach and never misses the little details. You know he will come up with a design that is a little different with a big WOW factor.  Mike turned my 1930's farmhouse into a sleek 60's makeover. I highly recommend using his services for your architectural needs;  you won't be disappointed!" - Hope

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Looking to take the next step in your residential design or home building project?  We're here to help!

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