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Commercial Architecture in Wisconsin and Illionois

Commercial Architecture
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Custom Architecture for Businesses


Let's face it, people judge a book by its cover.  That hole in the wall restaurant with amazing food that's always busy is an exception to the rule and really more of a great story than a reality.  We want the businesses that we frequent to match our style.  We want to dine in places with amazing architecture and interior design.  If the business has good taste in architecture, then, logically they must have good taste in food as well.  The theory carries for many types of businesses, you wouldn't shop in a dumpy building to buy a nice gift.  No, rather you would look for that quirky boutique that exudes its unique sense of style.  Those are the types of business you want to trust and try out.  You might even travel an extra 20 minutes because you feel it will be worth the trip and better than the banal businesses nearby.

Types of Commercial Architecture

We offer a couple of different options for commercial architecture, build-outs and new construction.


Build-outs work with existing spaces.  We will work the existing space that you have bought or leased to leverage our architectural design to create a unique space based on your business concept.  Our services may be limited to interior design or may extend to the exterior facade and branding design.


New commercial architecture and construction.  We work with you to design your business around your ideas and business offerings.  We help you navigate all of the municipal requirements from Zoning to Fire Protection to Landscaping.   ​

Commercial Architecture Expertise and Experience

We are experienced in many different facets of commercial architecture which includes: salon design, medical marijauna dispensaries, golf and country club buildings, and restaurant design, among others.

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