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Custom Bathroom Design Wisconsin

We'll Design The Perfect Layout For Your Space

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home, which is why it's so important to take the time to properly design it. A good bathroom will have the right feel, layout, and design for your needs. The Live By Design Architects are experts when it comes to making bathrooms beautiful and functional. We can transform any size space with materials that not only look good, but will last through years of use.

When you are planning out your bathroom, there are several things that you should consider. Your design should be centered around practicality and making the bathroom efficient for everyone who will use it. Because bathrooms are usually built in smaller spaces, they can get overcrowded quickly if you don't plan ahead, especially when there are multiple people living in the home. Our team of architects can help create a space that will work for everyone, from young kids to seniors who require specialty features. Your bathroom should meet your specific needs while still providing you with all of the luxurious features you desire!

We Design It All - From Bathroom Remodeling To New Construction

Our designers will take into account the shape, size, colors, functionalities, and technology needed to create the most luxurious bathroom for your home. We work on all sorts of projects, and will always take the time to build something that suits your budget and space. Looking for more information? Here are the types of bathrooms we remodel:

Master Bathrooms

Turn your master bathroom into a peaceful oasis and your own personal spa. Master bath designs can include features such as a private shower, large soaking tub, built-in storage features, or water closet. The space where you start and end your day should be relaxing and provide you with the perfect getaway.

Half-Baths and Powder Rooms

When your home has a powder room or half bath, the space should reflect the rest of your home's style and provide a clean, finished look for guests. Our team of architects can help you plan out a bathroom design that will work perfectly in your home while creating a welcoming space for visitors.


Guest Bathrooms

Whether it be for visitors or kids, your guest bathroom should make anyone feel at home. Guest bathrooms can be made with comfort and safety in mind for kids or adults who need accessibility features. These bathrooms should have all the necessary amenities and additional storage for your essentials.


We can answer any questions you may have about your build, from types of bathroom appliances to custom tile work and flooring options. From additions to remodels, Live By Design Architecture can make your bathroom dreams come true.

Beautiful Bathroom
Modern Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling Professionals

Whether it's a new construction project, remodel, or expansion, a lot goes into building a bathroom. This is why it's so important to use professional contractors who can get the job done right. Bathroom remodeling is a cost-effective way to add value and appeal to any home. Investing in a new bathroom will not only give you a beautiful space to have in your home but increase the value of your property.


For more information on bathroom design by Live By Design Architects, contact us today!  

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